Antlers and Rosé

Hair + Scalp Therapy


Our Hair + Scalp Therapy is hydrating and soothing for the scalp to reduce dryness and enhance the natural shine of the hair. It also works wonderfully for a deep scalp condition. All of the organic oils are thoroughly researched for their efficacy in providing hydration and shine.

 Manui & Jasmine.

Suggested Use:

Apply a few drops to your palms and massage into your hair and scalp. This oil can be applied to wet hair to lock in moisture and dryness or dry hair for a sleek, shiny finish. For a deep scalp condition, apply to wet hair and set overnight. Rinse out in the morning and condition as usual. 

Ingredients: 300mg CBD Oil, Hemp-derived CBD oleoresin with CBG and CBDA, organic jojoba oil, organic rosehip oil, kukui oil, amla oil, blueberry seed oil, squalene, manoi and tiare for scent. 

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