Antlers and Rosé

Dane Anklet


This anklet's innovative flexible steel material makes for an ultra light but statement-making piece. Dane is an oval shape and available in two sizes. 

gold tone-dipped brass
finish: high polish
push closure

Dane Anklet - 9"
length/circumference: 9 1/16”
width: 0.12" / 3mm
weight: 6g / 0.21oz

Dane Anklet Large - 10"
length/circumference: 10
width: 0.12" / 3mm
weight: 6g / 0.21oz

To open, gently pull apart the anklet at the seam, rotating the tubes in opposite directions. Close by rotating back to the seam, and inserting the smaller tube into the opening. Finished in high-polish gold.

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